As an independent, non-academic field in our project, photography is an added value to what we do as engaged urban scholars working in highly sensitive contexts. As an art and a critical voice, the photographic work by Cristina Ferraiuolo raises questions in its own terms: it explores the unknown and the surprising features of the ‘puzzle’ of publicness in everyday life spaces, suggests lines of inquiry that are not otherwise visible to our understanding, unsettles the potential, the ‘not-yet’ of places and people caught in the middle of their doings.

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Cristina Ferraiuolo graduated in Economics in 1990, she worked as a fiscal consultant until 2002. Since 2003 she devoted to photography, working on different projects in Naples, Havana, Paris, Buenos Aires with particular attention to social issues. She published on several magazines in Italy and France, like Le Monde, Libèration, L’Equipe Magazine, Photograph mag, and she had personal and collective exhibitions in Naples, Rome, Milan. Member of the association Obiettivo Granieri until 2012, she curated cultural events, workshops and photographic exhibitions. In 2013 she made a documentary short film, "Rosa", selected at Bif&st 2014, at Arcipelago Rome 2014, winner of the prize for best screenplay at the Festival "I corti sul lettino", Naples 2014. In November 2018 she published her first book “Stone butterfly”, a long-term personal project, with the Swedish publisher Journal, released at Paris Photo 2018, and then presented in Rome, Milan, Arles, Naples. The book is among the winners of the Belfast Photo Festival 2019, shortlisted Hariban Award 2019 and among the books exhibited at Les Rencontres d'Arles 2019, Prix du livre d'auteur.