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PUSH – Public Space in European Social Housing is supported by Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA) and conducted by the University of Copenhagen, Denmark; Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway; ETH Zürich, Switzerland, and Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy, in the framework of the HERA research programme Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe 2019-2022. 


PUSH researchers follow the fundamental principles of research integrity: reliability in ensuring the quality of research; honesty in developing, undertaking, reviewing, reporting, and communicating research in a transparent, fair, full, and unbiased way; respect for colleagues, participants, society, ecosystems, cultural heritage, and the environment; accountability for the research from conception to publication, and for its management and organization. We provide transparency about how to access or use our data and materials. We handle research subjects, be they human, cultural, environmental, or physical, with respect and care, and in accordance with legal and ethical provisions. We have due regard for the health, safety, and welfare of the community, collaborators, and others connected with our research. As researchers, we reflect on our position and responsibilities in sensitive housing contexts that are subject to societal and economic processes; in our investigation of publicness, we are aware of those processes. We strive to represent diverse voices in our case studies, and we support practices of dialogue and co-learning with all actors. Thus, our research aims to contribute to the further sustainable development of the housing estates, and to support the empowerment of local stakeholders, being aware of differences in age, gender, culture, religion, ethnic origin, and social group.

About /Denmark

 University of Copenhagen 

 Section for Landscape Architecture and Planning


Academic partners

Ellen Braae

Project leader

Work package leader of WP1: ‘Transecting publicness and the cases’

Work package leader of WP7: ‘Impact, outreach and dissemination’

Bettina Lamm

Cooperation partner NMBU, WP3: ‘Publicness, democracy and the right to living space’

Svava Riesto

Work package leader of WP4: ‘Living publicness and cultural heritage’

Henriette Steiner

Cooperation partner ETH Zürich, WP5: ‘Practices of publicness: from civic practices to policies of social housing’


Anne Tietjen

Work package leader of WP6: ‘Exhibition as a tool’ (analogue/ digital)

Cooperation partner UniNA Federico II, WP6: Planning with informal publicness’

Nevruz Cinar Özdil

Research Assistant

Associated partners Denmark


Natalia Rogaczewska 

Danish Social Housing Sector

Christina Krogh 

Danish Social Housing Sector

Cathrine Kyø Hermansen

The Museums of Furesø

Morten Mortensen 

The Museums of Furesø

Katrine Emme Thielke 

Emme Communication

Michael Jensen


Associated partners Europe


Alice Pittini

Housing Europe

Diana Yordanova

Housing Europe


 Norwegian University of Life Sciences 

 Institute for Urban and Regional Planning

Academic partners

Inger-Lise Saglie 

Principal Investigator (PI)


Melissa Murphy   

Work package leader WP3: ‘Publicness, democracy and the right to living space’

Beata Sirowy 

Lillin Cathrine Knudtzon 

Associated partners 

Øyvind Johnsen 


Anna Maria Parnitzke 

Drammen Municipality

 Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich 

 ETH Wohnforum / ETH Case

Academic partners

Marie Glaser 

Principal Investigator (PI)

Work package leader WP5: ‘Practices of publicness: from civic practices to policies of social housing’

Eveline Althaus

Liv Christensen

Associated partners

Franz Horvath 

Wohnbaugenossenschaften Schweiz

Antonio Scarponi 

Conceptual Devices

 Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II 

 Dipartimento di Architettura

Academic partners

Laura Lieto

Principal Investigator (PI)

Work package leader WP2: ‘Planning with informal publicness’

Marilena Prisco

Maria Federica Palestino

Gilda Berruti


Paola Scala

Grazia Pota

Giovangiuseppe Vannelli

Maria Cerreta

Giuliano Poli

Maria Reitano

Associated partners

Cristina Ferraiuolo


Luigi di Magistris/ Francesca Pignataro

Comune di Napoli


Elena de Filippo 

NGO Dedalus Cooperativa Sociale

About /Norway
About / Switzerland
About / Italy
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